Boulder Divorce and Family Law Mediation

Alice M Robbins Attorney-Mediator

Mediation Saves You Money, and Stress

I specialize in divorce mediation, with or without attorneys.

Successful mediation is much less expensive than an adversarial process, and trying mediation is usually mandatory before a hearing. You will also feel more empowered and less stressed by mediating then having decisions made by a judge.

I also provide mediation for modifications to a divorce decree.

Modifications to maintenance, child support, parenting, or residence require approval of the court, but can be much easier and less expensive when mediated.

I am an experienced Mediator, Arbitrator, and Family Law Attorney.

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You can rely on my compassionate expertise and years of experience to help both of you reach the best solutions for you, and your children if you have them.

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Boulder Divorce and Family Law Mediation

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